Spice Mixes: for metabolism and psoriasis.

There is a whole list of spices that are supposedly anti-inflammatory or help lower blood sugar. The only spices I have found that have a noticeable positive effect are:

These could be taken as supplements. But below are a couple of example spice recipes, because they are delicious. These are best taken with fats and soluble fiber in a meal. Garlic and vinegar stabilize glucose metabolism and counteract small amounts of carbs in a meal.

Everything else I tried had minimal effect. The best way to lessen inflammation is to avoid inflammatory foods: carbs (especially fructose/sugar); omega-6 (most vegetable oils, besides olive and flax, especially if they are fried/oxidized), sensitivities (common ones are wheat/gluten, nightshades especially potatoes also eggplant/tomatoes/peppers, citrus especially oranges, milk solids especially whey), and chemicals. Psoriasis can turn minor dietary/immune inflammation into major skin or joint inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory HorseyCurry™

This is a simple functional mix of the best anti-inflammatory and vitamin spices. Other curry ingredients that could spice it up or add complexity are: curry leaves, tamarind, coriander, garlic, chili, pepper, poppy seeds, mustard seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, cumin, coconut, rosewater, fennel seeds, anise seeds, fenugreek seeds.

Tumeric Root Powder 50% - anti-inflammatory, earthy savory flavor
Ginger Root Powder 30% - anti-inflammatory, explosive fresh flavor
Morenga Oleifera Leaf Powder 20% - vitamins, anti-oxidants, horseradishy herbal flavor

Anti-Diabetic MetabolicDemigoddess™ Dressing

This is a functional Mediterranean dressing that will neutralize damage from the small amounts of carbs in the salad, and stabilize your metabolism. Other Italian spices and black pepper are good additions. I like adding sesame seed tahini, but it's mostly omega-6 and carbs.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 60% - anti-glycemic, omega-9, smooth silky flavor
Apple Cider Vinegar 20% - anti-diabetic, sour dry flavor
Squeezed Lemon Juice 10% - vitamin C, sour citrus flavor
Minced Garlic Root 6% - anti-diabetic, volatile teary flavor
Chopped Sage Leaves - 4% - anti-diabetic, warm herbal flavor


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