Psoriasis is a process of the adaptive immune system, there is no cure.

Adaptive Immune System
Is the part of the immune system that creates specialized cells and signaling proteins for fighting newly recognized pathogens.
Innate Immune System
Is the part of the immune system that does generic dietary and pathogen responses.

The current theory—psoriasis is a specialized inflammatory signaling pathway developed by the adaptive immune system, that leads to inflammatory symptoms. It requires genetics that allow for this adaptation, and a serious infection by a pathogen that is fought off using this immune system pathway (likely: strep throat, or an upper repository infection). After which, innate inflammatory responses down the TNF dietary/immune pathway are multiplied down the adaptive IL-17 psoriasis pathway, resulting in the psoriasis symptoms.

Interleukin 17a (IL-17a or commonly just IL-17) Seems to be the key inflammatory signaling protein on the psoriasis pathway in the adaptive immune system. IL-17 is synthesized by T helper 17 cells (Th17). IL-17 communicates mainly with the skin and upper repository system for fighting pathogens. With psoriasis, IL-17 has wildly elevated levels often 30 times the normal amount. Th17 is triggered by IL-6 and IL-23, and produces IL-17, IL-17f, IL-21, and IL-22.

Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF) is a key top-level signaling protein involved in normal dietary/immune inflammatory responses. TNF connects to the IL-17 psoriasis adaptive pathway.

Levels of everything on the IL-17 pathway are elevated, but it seems like the main miscommunication that leads to the disease happens when Th17 cells are triggered by IL-23 proteins, resulting in the multiplied amounts of IL-17. This seems to be an agreed upon theory at the moment, since there are three drug companies racing each other to get Th17- & IL-17-binding drugs to market.

The treatments are varied as to how they reduce the symptoms. But none are cures.

  • Diet, exercise, weight loss, sleep, and low stress - reverse metabolic syndrome, and reduce innate immune system inflammation.
  • Sunlight and UV - create vitamin D3, plus suppress IL-17 and IL-22 on the adaptive psoriasis pathway.
  • Oils, moisturizers and skin care - limit the damage from skin inflammation, help skin heal itself, and prevent secondary infections.
  • Deficiencies supplements - can correct immune miscommunications caused be nutrient deficiencies, and high levels of certain ones can down-regulate some immune functions.
  • Topical psoriasis drugs - down-regulate inflammation locally in various ways.
  • Internal psoriasis drugs - down-regulate inflammatory pathways in the immune system. Earlier drugs targeted innate immune inflammatory signaling, like TNF or folate. Newer ones target adaptive immune system proteins, like IL-6 & IL-23. Starting in 2015 drugs targeting IL-17 proteins and T-17 cells are scheduled to come out.

I have had my psoriasis 95% clear without any drugs or supplements. Now that it has flared back up after my ACL knee surgery, I am starting to test out those options as well.


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