Natural Remedies and Soap Alternatives for Psoriasis.

Natural remedies are dietary supplements that are not drugs. Are less irritating things than soap to clean your skin in the shower. Basically, things have to be more beneficial than a basic moisturizer for me to care. Anything better than shea & aloe topically makes my good list.

Natural Remedy Supplements

There are a whole list of spices and supplements that are supposedly anti-inflammatory or help lower blood sugar. The only ones I have found that have a noticeable positive effect are:

These could be taken as supplements. But below are a couple of example spice recipes, because they are delicious. These are best taken with fats and soluble fiber in a meal. Tumeric and ginger are the same family, and garlic is a cousin. Garlic and vinegar stabilize glucose metabolism and counteract small amounts of carbs in a meal.

Everything else I tried had minimal effect. The best way to lessen inflammation is to avoid inflammatory foods: carbs (especially fructose/sugar); omega-6 (most vegetable oils, besides olive and flax, especially if they are fried/oxidized), sensitivities (common ones are wheat/gluten, nightshades especially potatoes also eggplant/tomatoes/peppers, citrus especially oranges, milk solids especially whey), and chemicals. Psoriasis can turn minor dietary/immune inflammation into major skin or joint inflammation. 

Moisturizing Oils and Essential Oils

I have entire pages on lotion recipes, oils, and essential oils, so I'm not going to go into much detail here. Essential oils must be very diluted in a regular oil, less than 5% usually, avoid face and eyes, terpenes can have toxic effects. Here are some good oils to note.

Soap Alternatives

Soap dries out your skin, and can really irritate psoriasis. Here are some ways to remove flakes, clean, and sanitize you psoriasis areas without soap and irritation.

Shampoo Alternatives

Stuff that Doesn't Really Work

Supplements & Topicals
Basically, things have to be more beneficial than a basic moisturizer for me to care. Anything better than shea & aloe topically makes my good list.

Fructose carbs and sugar
Fructose is notorious for fatty liver and body fat. If you want vitamin benefits from fructose fruits, eat small amounts post cardio when liver glycogen is low. Apples, strawberries and other berries are among the lowest fructose sweet fruits.

Glucose carbs, malts, starches, and sugar alcohols
Glucose carbs are irritating. They spike blood sugar and insulin. If you want vitamin benefits from glucose carb foods eat them: 1. immediately before or during cardio when they'll be used, 2. post weight training to restore muscle glycogen, or 3. with things that lower the glycemic index like soluble fibre, fats, vinegar, garlic, and anti-diabetics. Carrots, macadamia nuts and flax seeds are some healthier lower carb ones.


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