anti-inflammatory low-carb diet

Anti-inflammatory Diet

A low-carb diet specifically designed to reduce dietary/immune inflammation.

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metabolic exercise glycogen training

Metabolic Exercise

Exercise expending stored glycogen energy, training your muscles and metabolism.

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sugar disease high-carb diet

History & People

Western diet, obesity, heart disease, and the people who are changing it.

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Psoriasis Treatment – target inflammation 3 ways:

1. Initial dietary/immune inflammation (innate immune system) - with diet, exercise, rest, not getting sick, supplements, sun, and older biologics/drugs.
2. Psoriasis inflammatory pathway (adaptive immune system) – with sun, supplements, and newer biologics/drugs.
3. Skin inflammation (the rash itself)oils, moisturizers, and topicals.

Psoriasis Treatment Targets

Metabolic Syndrome - Psoriasis

Metabolic Syndrome: the key psoriasis trigger.

Several things have caused major psoriasis flare-ups for me: a sugar eating binge, getting the flu, recovering from surgery, stress and sleep loss. But I have finally discovered the main trigger: Metabolic Syndrome—it causes the constant inflammation that makes psoriasis a permanent problem that won't heal.

Fructose is the main cause of Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is a dietary problem, caused mainly by fructose/sugar. Other carbs, alcohol, and lack of exercise are also causes. It affects most modern people. Metabolic Syndrome leads to many of the diseases of civilization: heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and possibly cancers. Hospitals, as of 2013, acknowledge this and treat based on this. So it's something that is important to understand and take seriously. It can often be reversed with specific diet and exercise.

Fructose Sugar - Metabolic Syndrome

Brian Lewis

Hi, I'm Brian Lewis. This is my psoriasis blog.

I am a software engineer in San Fran. I have had plaque psoriasis for about 10 years, since college. I have done tons of research and experimentation treating my psoriasis. This site is my personal experience with it. My dermatologist has marked me severe—then later marked me 95% clear—after 6 months of diet, exercise, and sun. It's now severe again from ACL knee surgery recovery. You can follow my story. Cheers. -Brian

I'm not a health care professional, this is not advice, it's just my story. See my: Terms of Use Disclaimer.